Our Story

In January of 1996, Jeff Teta, then a serving FDNY member, lost a comrade while fighting a fire in Far Rockaway section of Queens, NY due largely to an open door.

This tragic incident started Jeff on a mission to solve a long challenging problem in fire devices.

Knowing from his fire training, that the best fire safety device in a home is a closed door Jeff tackled an age old problem in fire safety.

How do we close an open door in a fire to slow the fire’s progression without keeping the internal door shut all the time and allowing occupants normal door usage?

Jeff knew that today many fire codes require active fire prevention mechanisms (e.g. - spring hinges, door closers, etc.). However, many units are disabled due to inconvenience or removed entirely due to daily usage difficulties they pose occupants.

Additionally, Jeff knew that internal room doors (bedroom, bathroom, etc.) had no code nor any product to insure that they are closed in a fire to protect occupants while they slept.

Jeff’s vision: create a product that provides protection and slows a fire’s progress by removing the desire to disengage or remove the fire prevention device to allow the door to work easily, and then, closing the door when a fire starts.

Years of persistence, dedication, and a great team, has made Jeff's vision a reality. The Ceasefire Door Hinge is unlike any other fire safety device available. Jeff's patience and commitment to quality has taken the Ceasefire Door Hinge on a six year journey from a homemade prototype to the meticulously designed and exhaustively tested specimen of engineering that it is today.

Order today to let the Ceasefire Door Hinge protect you, your family, your neighbors, and the first responders the way Jeff designed it to.
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