Frequently Asked Questions

Can the door be opened after the device is activated?

Yes. After activation, the Ceasefire Door Hinge functions as a normal spring loaded hinge similar to one you may find on an interior garage door.


How difficult is it to open the door after it is activated?

The door can easily be opened after activation. The amount of pressure applied to the door is well within ADA compliance for spring loaded door hinges. 


What testing has been done to insure it works in a real fire?

Years of both simulated and live testing have been performed to make the Ceasefire Door Hinge an exceptional fire safety device. The Ceasefire Door Hinge has even gone through the most realistic of tests - the live burn. Ceasefire has been fortunate enough to be a part of several Fire Department live burns across the country where it was tested in real houses that were intentionally burned for fire safety training. Each live burn provided crucial data which exponentially improved each iteration of the hinge. After nearly 7 years of engineering and testing, the Ceasefire Door Hinge is now ready to protect you, your family, and your property.