The most important thing a person can do if they have a fire in their home is to close the door behind them when they leave. Unfortunately, if you do have a fire it’s the last thing you remember to do.

Retired NYC fireman Jeff Teta’s vision was to create a door hinge that operated just as a normal door hinge does but in the event of a fire the door would close.

After making prototypes to prove the concept worked, Teta knew he was on to something. Not knowing how to move this project forward, he took his invention to the 2013 National tool and Hardware show where his door hinge won FIRST prize for the most innovative concept.

Jeff knew he needed help, so he turned to his friend and fellow firefighter Keith Palumbo. Keith is a go-getter and a person who does not take no for an answer. Everyone he spoke with loved the concept but wanted a finished product.

After working with an MIT engineer we have finally perfected the Ceasefire Door Hinge vision…….