Our mission is to provide the world with an inexpensive, hassle free technology that adds critical life-saving minutes in a fire emergency


When the ceasefire hinge reaches its pre-determined temperature the passive spring mechanism engages to close the door and contain the fire.

Simple to Install

Ceasefire door hinge is easy to install. Just remove the existing top hinge and replace with the new Ceasefire door hinge. Its that simple.

No Batteries Required

Ceasefire door hinge does NOT require batteries or electricity to operate.

The difference between a closed door and an open one during a fire could save your life.

Fire Related Facts

Smoke Detectors Aren't Enough

Smoke Detectors Aren't Enough

two-thirds of all fire-related deaths happen in homes with non-working fire alarms

20% of homes with alarms have non-working alarms

Minimize Property Damage

Minimize Property Damage

Residential fires are responsible for 52% of fire dollar losses
Fire Kills

Fire Kills

Every year over 3,800 people die in fire related accidents.

as well as 18,300 people injured

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